Nadwaga: radykalnie inne podejście

Dr. Jean-Philippe Zermati Frenchman is convinced that doctors MEDIA and state authorities take obesity and fighting obesity because the wrong end. According to his words, trying to control our diet, using our intelligence-this is not a good solution ...

Against overweight, we must give up weight loss?Against overweight, we must give up weight loss?

It is paradoxical program , proposed by Dr. Zermati. It starts from the observation that the vast majority of diets, even if they are effective at the beginning, eventually lead to failure or even the final weight which more than in the original overweight. His conclusion is that we need to change our goals. More do not look for weight loss, but a more balanced relationship with his body and diet. Where this idea is difficult to accept that he makes weight loss, "no hope, but the promise," according to Dr. Zermati. In many cases, rebalancing lose pounds. But not always! Then you will have to learn to live with this body that weighs too heavy for our taste.

Leaving little to control what we eat

Often, in order to lose weight, we have established a very strict rule: never eat between meals, never eat products that do more than a certain number of calories per hundred grams, never touch a pizza or chips. All these activities require that we share at least part of the time of our food feelings: "Even if I am very hungry in four hours, I at all do not eat until 7:30 pm, the scheduled meal." Complicated strategies do not care "forbidden" products, to compensate for the moments when it is cracked (very light meals and a lot of sports), etc. You need to put into place.

The problem is that this control requires a lot of energy ... and that is a delicate word.

Learn to deal with their emotions without foodLearn to deal with their emotions without food

When our relationship to our diet is not balanced, and we can not control it with our mind, our emotions, that govern what we eat. We turn to food to soothe us, encourage us to calm us ... in short, to protect yourself from emotions that we consider to be negative. In this way we can cut off from food feelings: it is not from hunger, what we eat, but because we are afraid, we can anger, depression, or otherwise. Therefore, every emotion is an obstacle to our weight. But all of us have emotions, and that's good!

Solution: recovery of your impressions

For Zermati Professor, these two commonly used profiles, which can coexist with each other, are under threat of resignation of all diets aimed at weight loss. The real solution to resume contacts with our groceries feelings: when I'm hungry? I want to eat Solution: recovery of your impressionsnow? When I'm satisfied? Exercise is not easy. Here are a few things that may help:

Keep a diary that captures the emotions of food (when you're hungry, you're hungry, a feeling of overeating ...) and the food actually absorbed.

Power supply with a focus on food products, increase awareness of what it eats.

You acknowledge and agree to the least overweight kilogram does not become an opportunity to ... take a kilo!

We must, then forget it mode?

His diet is possible. But, of course, not all dietary dietary advice !

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